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About Us

GFN Industrial Co Limited was established in the year of 1995,Handling of exporting TOLUENE DIISOCYANATE (TDI 80/20 ), Stannous Octoate T-9 products .Can sell TDI 80 20 30000tons per year.We can do price the lowest all the time .

   GFN also can supply  polyurethane Additives : catalyst Surfactant,Fire Retardant items, polyester polyols, synthetic esters, cross-linking agents, separating agents or resins and impregnates,

Here are dozens of polyurethane products which are widely used in foamed plastic, elastomer, coating, adhesive, sealant, paving material, and other fields

We strive to promote the development of polyurethane industry  polyether polyol and polyurethane sizing materials, polyurethane waterproofing paints, and various types of water-proofing, leaking stoppage, sealing, and injecting paste materials and in various raw and auxiliary chemical materials.

Based on strong technical force and close cooperation relations with colleges, universities and research institutes, the company is capable of researching and developing products according to the needs of clients