Product Catalogue :

1)Isocyanate Series:Polymeric MDI


2)Polyurethane (PU) catalyst Stannous Octoate T-9

3)polyurethane (PU) Surfactant

4)polyurethane (PU) Fire Retardant


POLYOL PPG :PPG200 PPG 400 PPG600 PPG1000 PPG1500 PPG2000 PPG3000 PPG4000 PPG6000 PPG8000

Polyether Polyol(POP) : 10%  ,15% ,25% ,45%

A)Polyether Polyol YNW-3500

Polyurethane Chemical for High Resilience Foam

high quality POLYESTER POLYOLS / PEPA /PES for SHOE SOLE materials

Polyurethane shoe-sole system / PU shoe sole Polyol and Iso

B)Flexible Foam system,

DHR-A/B formulated polyol/iso ,

PU Chemical for Car/Motorcycle Seat Foam,

PU Chemical for Mattress&Sofa,PU

Chemical Foam&Modified MDI,

Two Component Polyurethane/PU Foam Raw Material

Chemicals For Seat Cushion Making,Polyether Polyol(POP)

C)Rigid Spray Polyurehane Foam Systems

Blend Polyols for spray insulation rigid foam

Don Spray504 is spray blend polyols, It applies to all kinds of thermal insulation  such as cold rooms, pots, large-scale pipelines and construction, out-wall or inner-wall

Spray-Applied Flexible Polyurethane Foam

DonSpray 501 is a two-components, spray-applied, open-cell polyurethane foam system

Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols for Spray Insulation

DonSpray 502 is spray blend polyols with HCFC-141B as blowing agent, it reacts with isocyanate .

It applies to all kinds of thermal insulation projects which use the spray, such as cold rooms, large pots, large-scale pipelines and construction out-wall or inner-wall etc.

D)Rigid Polyurehane Foam Systems

Blend polyol for PUR Discontinuous Panels

Blend polyol for PIR continuous panel

Blend Polyols for Refrigerator

Blend Polyols for Refrigerator(CP;IP system)

Polyols for refrigerator with short demould time

HFC Based Polyurethane Blend Polyols for refrigerator

Blend Polyols for PIR Block Foam with HCFC-141B

Wood-Imitating Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols

Blend Polyols for PIR Block Foam with HFC-365

Blend Polyols for PUR continuous panel

Blend Polyol Donpanel 412 for discontinuous PIR panel

Blend polyol for PIR discontinuous panel with HFCs

blend polyol for PUR coutinuous panel(pentane series)

blend polyols with water blowing agent for refrigerators

Water-based Polyurethane Blend Polyols for Pipeline

Wood-Imitating Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols

Polyurethane Blend Polyols for home appliance

Wood-Imitating Rigid Polyurethane Blend Polyols

Polyurethane rigid foam panel

DonPanel 422 blend polyols is a compound which consists of polyether polyols, surfactants, catalysts, HCFC-141B and flame retardant in a special ratio. The foam has good thermal insulation property, light in weight, high compression strength and flame retardant and other advantages. It is widely used to produce continuous sandwich panels, corrugated panels etc, which applies to make cold stores, cabinets, portable shelters and so on.

6)polyethylene glycol(PEG) PEG400 PEG4000 PEG6000 PEG8000

7)Polyurethane adhesive

Polyurethane Adhesive for EPDM/SBR Granules DN1280CW+

One component PU Glue for sports ground

High hardness polyurethane structural adhesive

One Component Environmental Protection Polyurethane Adhesive

Polyurethane Binder Polyurethane Adhesive for Rubber Tiles

Environmental Protection PU Adhesive for Rubber Tiles

One Component Special PU Adhesive for Pavement Material

Component Polyurethane Binder DN1670 for Rubber Tiles Mats Sheets

Room temperature adhesive

Polyurethane Binder for Rubber Tiles/Running Track/Recycle Foam/Cork Granules

Pure Polyurea Coating with 100% solid content

Modified silane sealant

MS930 Industrial Assembly Sealant

Eco-friendly hydrophilic polyurethane grouting material

One Component Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

MS-polymer Sealant & Adhesive

two-component polyaspartic acid ester topcoat

PU binder for bonding EPDM or SBR granules