Dichlorofluoroethane HCFC-141B CAS 1717-00-6


Chemical Name: 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane

 Appearance photo :(Colorless liquid)

 Molecular formula: CCI2 F-CH3

CAS NO :  17-00-6

  Appearance photo :(Colorless liquid)

 Technical Index : 

Purity                        %≥ 99.5
Water content                  ≤ 50mg/kg
Dry residue                    ≤ 10 mg/kg
Acidity as HCL                 ≤ 1 mg/kg
Color                         ≤ 20APHA



Physical Properties : 

Molecular weight 116.96
Boiling point at                1.013bar 32.0°C
Meilting point at               1.013bar -103.5°C
Density of liquid at             20°C 1.25kg/dm³
Heat of vaporization at boiling point 235KJ/kg
Vapour pressure at    0°C 28kpa
                  20°C 65 kpa
                  50°C 184 kpa
Specific heat capacity of liquid at 20°C 1.16 KJ/kg°C
Viscosity of liquid at 20°C 0.44mpas
Thermal conductivity of liquid at 20°C 0.0897W/mK
Thermal conductivity of vapour at 20°C 0.0097 W/mK
Surface tension at 20°C 18.7mN/m
Dielectric constant at 20°C 7.9
Dielectric strength at 20°C 87kV/cm
Refractive index at 20°C 1.369
Evaporation rate (diethyl ether=1) 1.3
Solubility in water at 20°C 0.27% by weight
Solubility of water in solvent at 20°C 0.032% by weight
Kauri-butanol index 56

  Application :

  Cleaning agents, used to clean metal and solder.

 Foam blowing agents, used to manufacture rigid or soft PU foam

 Description :

 Because of its low gas phase thermal conductivity Solkane® 141b is the best available replacement to CFC11 as a blowing agent for rigid polyurethane insulating foams. Compared to CFC11, Solkane® 141b is approximately ten times less harmful to stratospheric ozone and is therefore recognized as a viable solution allowing the rapid phase-out of CFCs.

 Package :   in bulk or in 235kg drums