DMAEE、DMEE dimethyaminoethoxyethanol CAS 1704-62-7

2,2-Dimorpholinodiethylether DMDEE

CAS No.: 6425-39-4

MF: C12H24N2O3

EINECS No.: 229-194-7

DMDEE is an amine blowing catalyst particularly suitable for one- and two-component rigid foam sealant systems as well as flexible slabstock foams. It provides system tability in moisture cured polyurethane
DMDEE can be used in one- and two-component sealant foams as well as flexible slabstock foams.


Appearance light yellow liquid
Purity 99.0%(by GC)
Total Amine content 8.10~8.50meq/g
Water 0.3%(wt)