HER (Éther hydroxyéthylique de résocinol) CAS 102-40-9

Product name: 1,3-À(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzène
CAS number: 102-40-9

Description du produit

Nom du produit: 1,3-À(2-hydroxyethoxy)benzène
Synonymes: 1,3-DI(2-HYDROXYETHOXY)BENZENE;1,3-BIS(2-HYDROXYETHOXY)BENZENE;RESORCINOL BIS-(2-HYDROXYETHYL)ETHER;RESORCINOL BIS(BETA-HYDROXYETHYL) ETHER;RESORCINOL DIHYDROXYETHYL ETHER;2,2`-[1,3-phenylenebis(oxy)]bis-ethano;2,2′-[1,3-phenylenebis(oxy)]bisethanol;O,O’-Bis(2′-hydroxyethyl) resorcinol
CAS: 102-40-9
MF: C10H14O4
MW: 198.22
EINECS: 203-028-3
catégories de produits: Aromatic Ethers
Point de fusion 90 ° C
Point d'ébullition 234 ° C / 30mmHg
catégories de produits : Fine Chemical

Présentation du produit:

Apparence: Colorless Transparent Liquid Packing: 3kg, 2kg, 20kg And 40kg Respectively.Monthly Production: 10 Tonnes


As A Chain Extender For TDI / MDI Series Polyurethane Products, It Is Widely Used In Polyurethane Adhesives, Revêtements,Sealant, Elastomer, PU Foam, Spandex, Sports Facilities And Other Fields. This Product Is Especially Suitable For High Hardness Products.

Performance Description:

Compared With Solid HER, It Has The Characteristics Of Convenient Use And Less Dosage. And, Made Of Liquid HER-LIn Addition To The Conventional Properties Of Products Made From Solid HER, Urethane Products Have Excellent Resistance Strength, Elongation, Soft Flexural Properties. This Product Is Soluble In Dimethylacetamide (DMAC).