Hydroquinone Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)EtherAromatic Glycol Chain Extender HQEE-Solid CAS 104-38

Hydroquinone Bis(2-Hydroxyethyl)Ether|Aromatic Glycol Chain Extender HQEE-Solid


Product Overview:
Appearance: White Crystalline PowderPacking: Cardboard Drum, Lined With Black Plastic Bag; 20 Kg.Monthly Production: 10 Tons
Chemical Name: Hydroquinone-Bis(β-Hydroxyethyl) Ether, Hydroquinone Dihydroxy Ethyl Ether (Aromatic Glycol Chain Extender HQEE) – Solid
Molecular Formula: C10H14O4
Molecular Weight: 198.20
CAS NO.: 104-38-1
Use:Hydroquinone Dihydroxy Ethyl Ether (Aromatic Glycol Chain Extender HQEE) – Solid Is A Symmetrical Aromatic Diol Chain Extender. It Has Good Compatibility With MDI And Can Significantly Improve And Improve The Tensile Strength, Hardness And Resilience Of The Product. HQEE/MDI Is A Series Of PU Elastomers In Parallel With MOCA/TDI. PUs Using This Product Are Generally Used In Areas Where The Physical Properties Of Products Are High.

 Application Area
Oil Well Seals, Forklift Tires, Hydraulic Cylinder Seals, Conveyor Belts And Other PU Products, Can Also Be Used For Spandex.

Carton, 20kg (Within 2kg Small Package)