N,N-Dimethyl benzylamine BDMA CAS 103-83-3

N,N-Dimethyl benzylamine
Chemical ingredients and application: Dehydrogenation catalyst & of organic synthesis
Trademark: BDMA
Chemical name: N,N-Dimethyl benzylamine
CAS NO.: 103-83-3
EINECS: 203-149-1
Molecular weight: 135
Uses: used in intermediate of organic synthesis, in synthesis of quaternary ammonium salt; dehydrogenation catalyst; antiseptic and acid neutralizer
Technical index: Appearance:Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, with ammonia odor. 
Boiling range(℃):178-181 
Refractive index(nD25):1.4985-1.5005 


1.Uses Organic synthesis intermediates, catalysts for the production of clean and dehydrohalogenated halogens, corrosion inhibitors, acidic neutralizers, accelerators for electron microscopy slicing.
2.Use This product is an organic synthesis intermediate, such as synthetic quaternary ammonium salt, etc. It is also used in dehydrogenation catalysts, preservatives, acid neutralizers, etc.
3.Use 18-methyl norethindrone, intermediate of trienolone, precursor of D ring in the total synthesis of steroids

4.BDMA in polyurethane industry are polyester polyurethane block soft foam, polyurethane coating catalyst, rigid and adhesives is mainly used for hard foam, can make in the early period of the polyurethane foam has good liquidity and uniform bubble hole, foam with good bonding force between base material.
In the field of organic synthesis, mainly used for organic synthesis dehydrohalogenation catalyst and acid neutralizer, BDMA is also used in the synthesis of quaternary ammonium salt, production of cationic surface active powerful fungicide, etc.Also can promote the epoxy resin curing.Epoxy resin is widely used in electronic potting materials, coating materials and epoxy floor coating, Marine coating etc