Triethyl Phosphate/TEP 78-40-0

Triethyl Phosphate/TEP
Triethyl Phosphate
Simplename TEP Synonyms: Phosphoric acid triethyl ester; Ethyl Phosphate; TEP; Phosphoric
Product category: Phosphorus fire retardant Cas: 78-40-0
Molecular Weight: 182.16 Molecular: (CH3CH2O)3PO
Quality: Items Index
Appearance Achromatic transparent liquid
Assay % 99.5min
Acid Value(mgKOH/g) 0.05max
Acidity(as H3PO4%) 0.01max
Refractive Index(nD20) 1.4050~1.4070
Water Content % 0.2max
Density D2020 1.069~1.073

Chemical properties: It is achromatic transparent liquid; melting point –56.5℃.; boiling point 215~216℃; flash point 115.5℃; relative density 1.0695(20℃); refractive index(20℃) 1.4055. Fully dissolving in water. Easily di
Use: Used as fire-retardant, strength agent of rubber and plastic and the material of pesticides, aging and steady agent of resin.
Productivity: 6000tons/year
Packing: 200kgs/iron drum, Measurement:560×890mm;1000KGS/IBC; 20-23MTS/ISOTANK.