Triethylene Diamine AMINE Catalyst TEDA-33 CAS 280-57-9

TEDA33 is solution of triethylene diamine in propylene glycol, which is a catalyst specially designed for polyurethane foams and polyurethane elastomer.

Description and Application

TEDA-33 is a 33%wt solution of pure triethylene diamine in dipropylene glycol (DPG).


TEDA-33 is the most commonly used blow catalyst (primarily catalyst the reaction between water and iscocyanate that results in the production of carbon dioxide and subsequent foam blowing) used in the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

Product attributes 1)


Physical Properties
Form Liquid
Gravity @ 20 ℃ 1.033
The average weight per gallon @ 20 ℃ / 1b 8.59
Viscosity @ 23.9 ℃, cSt 100
Vapor Pressure @ 37.8 ℃, mmHg 2
Water-soluble @ 20 ℃ Unlimited
Flash point (Pensky-Martens Closed Cup) (1) / ℃ 87.78


Safety instructions

Leticia Industrial Co Ltd  is committed to the health and safety of its customers and employees.

Avoid breathing vapour and mist. In case of direct contact with eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. In case of ingestion, rinse mouth with water and seek medical advice.

In any case wear suitable protective clothing and do consult the material safety data sheet of this product prior to utilization.

Handling and Transportation Instructions

Product must be stored in dry, cool area away from direct sun exposure and kept away from humidity and water contamination. Handle in accordance with good professional hygiene and safety procedures. Use in well ventilated areas.

In case of spillage, absorb substance with inert material and place into a chemical waste container. Do prevent spill from entering water supplies or water courses.


Standard Packing:Iron Drum   N.W.:  200KG/Iron

N.W.:25KG/Plastic bucket,16T/ 20‘GP

Can also according to your requirment to packing,